Text 28 Sep Take the Focus off Running

Note to self, keep it simple stupid and don’t over train or over race! I’ve had a couple real A+ workouts as of late and I’ve had some good race results too. I need to keep my focus on realistic short term goals and remember that there is much more to life than getting better at running.

I was mad about the weather and fading so hard after the first mile last week, so I picked out another 5k for this weekend to get my revenge on the distance and chase a PR that I found acceptable. I didn’t feel very excited about it and definitely knew in the back of my head that I needed a weekend off from racing, but I let emotion make the choice and today’s race absolutely sucked. I’ve…

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Text 22 Sep CVS Health Downtown 5K Recap

After a week of delightful fall weather, today was back to 80% humidity and high 70’s, just have to start with that. I began to think I was getting pretty good at humid running, but this past week has made me forget all that and I felt weak and hot right away, while warming up. That being said, it was still a fun time and I felt like I put in absolutely everything I could, so no regrets.


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Photo 18 Sep USATF NE Gran Prix Standings

I did some quick math after the Lone Gull 10K and it looks like the USATF-NE Gran Prix…

USATF NE Gran Prix Standings

I did some quick math after the Lone Gull 10K and it looks like the USATF-NE Gran Prix…

Text 14 Sep Lone Gull 10k Recap

Lone Gull 10k Recap: Cliff notes: YES! That WAS what I wanted to do.

Cliff notes: YES! Finally! I picked a goal time that seemed reasonable and actually nailed it. Well, one second off, but close enough! I wanted 34 minutes or under and I ran a 34:01, only regret is not cutting the tangents better, that could have been the difference. But thinking about that more will just drive me nuts, so back to thoughts on how good I felt during and after the race.


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Text 11 Sep GBTC XC Festival 5k Recap & Training Update


It’s been a while since I provided a training update, so here goes!

I know we’re already more than a week into September, but it feels like August has hardly ended. August has ended though and it was my biggest and most consistent mileage month to date! I put in about 350 miles and only one real long run, kept my daily mileage around 12 and got in some quality workouts, both on the track and in…

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Photo 1 Sep GMAA Labor Day 15K Recap

"Almost what I wanted to do" just about sums up the race. Almost happy with it is better than angry at it, or some other unpleasant adjectives though.

GMAA Labor Day 15K Recap

"Almost what I wanted to do" just about sums up the race. Almost happy with it is better than angry at it, or some other unpleasant adjectives though.

Text 29 Aug Training Through It

Training Update and highlight on XC prep in speedwork. Relentless forward progression and respecting the process!

On Tuesday I was going strong on one full night of sleep out of the last six and was suffering from day two of a head cold. God delivered up a nice dose of humidity to really challenge my motivation, too. All day at work I was just thinking about how excited I was to go try a new workout and then trying to convince myself that I really was. I ended up leaving work with every intent to workout…

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Text 26 Aug 1 note Hood to Coast Relay 2014 Recap

Hood to Coast 2014. One of the most enjoyable weekends in 28 years of living. One of the best races too, even when it wasn’t.


This group of amazing, lovely people just shared a fantastic experience.

Where do I even begin? Honestly, there is no possible way I can remember every noteworthy quote, event or laugh from this weekend. I simply must write down what I can though, so more of it isn’t forgotten, this was the kind of weekend you never want to forget. 

Wednesday, August 20th 2014
Started shenanigans early by crashing…

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Text 17 Aug Level Renner 10k Recap

Race Recap from the Level Renner 10k @levelrenner Great field, great swag, great course, c+ race by me.

Race Thoughts:
Sometimes you need time to reflect on how a race went to get a good reading on it, sometimes you finish and are already ticked off at your performance. I’m no seasoned racer, as this was technically my second 10k ever and first on all roads, but I had a plan and I didn’t follow it, that bugs me. I only ended up 4 seconds a mile off my goal pace, but when I look at my last 3 splits…

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Text 11 Aug

Epsom Old Home Days 4-Miler Recap: The story of a race

Here I am getting all psyched up to write a post about my passion for running and my recent training and racing and I get sidetracked with a discussion on one of my other great passions, personal liberty and the federal government abuse of it. I’ll try to recap yesterday’s race without too much muttering on cover-ups and unlawful domestic spying now.

I raced a fun 4-miler in New…

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Video 4 Aug

Current Training Inspiration

Today is a twofer for blog posts! With the big training update and upcoming race schedule I wanted to also share what I’ve been inspired with lately.

Text 4 Aug Hard Workouts and Fall Race Plans

Hard Workouts and Fall Race Plans

I left off in my last training post looking forward to a 5 miler on July 24th and I’m excited to report that it was a one minute PR! I was actually a little slower than I thought my training would have put me at, but I started too hard and paid the price. First two miles were hit at 10:40 total, I don’t think the clock was totally accurate, but either way, I’m not quite in 5:20/mile shape for 5…

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Video 22 Jul

New Balance 980 Fresh Foam Review

Today turned into an unscheduled rest day due to a sore foot and general lack of desire to go out in the heat for 15 miles of trudging along at easy pace.

Text 23 May 1 note Silly Injury and a DNS

DNS-Vermont City Marathon
My last post was written with lots of enthusiasm and the excitement of unexplored potential. This post a few short days later comes with all of the somber disappointment of a running life put on hold. I don’t know exactly what this is or how long it will sideline me until I have it looked at again on next Wednesday, but for now, I’m a definite DNS for Vermont City…

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Text 18 May Second Marathon of The Season

Vermont City Marathon Training Update! Revised Goals…

Vermont City One Week Out

I keep telling myself that this next race is just for fun and that I’m not going to go for it, just going to cruise. The reality is, my fitness level feels pretty close to where it was for Boston though and I know this is an easier course… so there’s no way I’m taking it easy on Sunday! This spring I trained to run Boston as my peak race, but due to a couple factors, I…

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